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Vehicle Detailing & Car Cleaning

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Single Diamond Care

Exterior hand wash and chamois dry

Interior vacuuming of seats, carpets, floor mats and glass cleaning

Clean rims and shine tires.

Cars/SUV  $59.99     Trucks/Vans  $69.99


Double Diamond Care

Includes all of Single Diamond Care Items Plus:

Cleaning of inner fenders and rocker panels

Shampooing of either carpets or seats.  Your choice.  We can do both for an extra $39.99

Cleaning of vents, console, dash, door panels

Hand wax exterior

Cars/SUV  $119.99     Trucks/Vans  $134.99


Diamond Triple Care

Includes ALL Single and Double Diamond Care Plus:

Exterior buffing to remove minor scratches

Fabric protect or leather condition seats

Clean headliner, door jams, sills rubbers and hinges

Treat exterior rubber/vinyl trim

Vacuum trunk

Cars/SUV  $199.99  Trucks/Vans  $219.99